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Ballast setup for 2007 SANTE 220 ZR6

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  • Ballast setup for 2007 SANTE 220 ZR6

    Purchased a 2007 ZR6 220 SANTE last spring. Had the factory ballast with piggy back 750 on top as well as 500 arrow in front. I removed the rear hard tanks due to having easier access to motor for winterization as well as I replaced plugs and wires this past spring. Makes maintenance a lot easier. Ran just 750s and I lost some of my push from the wave. Iím about 6í2Ē 220lbs so I need a little more push hahahaha. Any input is appreciated as to what everyone is running.

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    Iím running factory rear tanks with 900ís on top. They donít fill all the way so Iím guessing 6-700 pounds each is realistic. Factory belly tank with the under bow seat sack and 300 pounds of lead to move around. Itís usually near the rear bench.

    I use the liquid force mega wedge. I run 11.2-11.6 mph. If I want a longer wave, I go on the faster end and sacrifice height. Iím amazed at how much higher the RPMís are to run 11.6 vs 11.2 though. I have the 1235 prop on the boat. Iíll try to get some pictures but honestly Iím not sure how useful pictures are.

    What board are you riding? Between my friend and I we have demoed 8 boards this season and there is a huge difference in push and speed between the boards. We ended up with a Phase5 hammerhead, Phase5 grassman and a Liquid Force Keen as our keepers for the season. Also make sure the board size is suited to your height/weight. That makes a big difference as well.

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