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  • Towing?

    Anyone on here towing a mid to late 90s ski or sport nautique on here with a GMC Canyon or Chevy Colorado or a truck similar to those two models?

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    I don't, but I think you'll be fine pulling that boat with those trucks. Definitely want the bigger engine 6 cyl at least. Check out the tow ratings of the truck but you should be ok.
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      You will probably be fine with anything that can do 5000 and has at least all wheel drive for the launch.

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        What year Colorado? I tow my 2003 216 with my 2016 6 cylinder Colorado with no problems. I do have the 4x4 option but rarely use it when launching, usually only in wet grass like when I was pulling boats the other day because of flooding.


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          Ive got the 2016 GMC Canyon with the 6 cylinder but only 2wd the ramps we will be using are all 2wd friendly.


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            I have a '98 Ski and I pull it with my '07 Yukon and my '14 Acura MDX FWD both do quite well. Obviously the Yukon tows a little better but this era of boat is considerably lighter than these new behemoths that are out now. Your Canyon will do just fine. Going up to Tahoe might be a little slower than desired and be cautious when coming back down but that is a pretty good fit.


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              I have a 99 Air Nautique, including trailer and ready to go to the lake it weights just under 5000 lbs. I live at 4400 ft and tow to lakes having to climb 1000 to 2000 ft of steep mountain roads. There is approximately 28% less oxygen at 4500 ft. than sea level and your vehicle knows it as much as you do. 28% less oxygen means 28% less horse power. Tahoe elevation robs a lot more HP. I tow with a Toyota Tundra 5.7 and of course no problems with that vehicle and 35 in. tires. I have also towed it with our Honda Pilot 300 HP and a 9 speed (with tow package) and no problems. The motor will be turning 3500-to 4000 plus RPM on the mountain climbs. The problem arises when and if you have to stop on a high mountain pass for some reason like road construction and then starting from a dead stop. I had a 2000 Tundra 4.7 towing my Century Resorter (approximately 1000 lbs less than the AIR) into Tahoe. I got stopped in construction about 7000 ft. elevation. When I started the truck almost did not move. With gas peddle to the floor we crawled, the truck never shifting out of first gear or getting into the power range for that motor of above 3000 RPM. We crawled all the way to the top of the mountain about 1/4 mile. Moral of the story, if you tow in the valley you will be fine. If you tow in the mountains get more truck (torque, low end torque read diesel). You can definitely tow with a Colorado just hope you do not need to stop on a high mountain pass while towing.