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    I have a 2004 Super Air 210 Team Edition. From what years did they make that hull and is the windshield frame and placement the same on all of the boats? Am I correct that the Super Sport is the same hull? I am having a custom cover made for it and they are missing a part of the pattern. We are just trying to confirm that another pattern they have might work.

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    You're more concerned with the top deck than the hull itself I would imagine. I believe the 2002-2006 were exactly the same fiberglass wise.

    The hull was the same from 99-2006 I believe but the top deck changed slightly for 2002 at the back (more rounded) which would affect how the cover was made there.

    Also the tower changed too several times in that period. This might affect the feet positions and how the cover goes around. I had a 2004 SANTE and I believe it's the only year that exact tower was put on the 210. But perhaps the position of the feet is the same as 03 and 05. I don't know.
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      Yes, Sorry top deck area, Windshield placement, open bow area and all. We are just trying to see if another pattern they have might have for another year might work for what is missing.