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Opinions: GS22 vs 230

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    Originally posted by sbaird4000 View Post
    We ended up replacing the 400 pound rear sacs with wakemakers exact fit 650's and added a sac under the seats in the bow as well. I will say however, we rarely ever use the bow sac. We also added 500 pounds of leadwake which is distributed 100 pounds on the starboard side and 400 pounds on the port side. The surf wave is beyond amazing! Our 2 favorite settings thus far are rear 650's full, midship / bow sub floor tank full, 400 pounds of lead wake on the port side spread (250 lbs under the 650 sac) and (150 lbs under the rear seat as far back as possible) NSS 1 or 2, hydrogate at 2, cruise at 11.2. The other setting is exactly the same with the exception that we set the NSS at 4, Hyrdrogate at 3 or 2 (adjusted to clean up the wave) and the cruise set at 10.4. The first setting produces a very long wave with a huge amount of push far back and a massive pocket. The second setting produces a very tall and steep wave that isn't nearly as long but still has a great amount of push. Hope this helps you! Enjoy your boat, we sure do love ours!
    I weight EXACTLY the same as this except I'm using all leadwake shot bags instead of the 650s. I really like keeping some storage space in the back. At least once a summer I get someone on the dock who says "Oh, you should have bought the [whatever]. It surfs BETTER!" I don't really reply. I just get them out surfing behind my boat and that shuts them up quickly.



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      Originally posted by Chuckfzs View Post mentioned you have a GS with pro ballast. I have seen the surf wake without the pro ballast. Is it a huge improvement? I donít need the extra storage so I would love your feedback on surfing. Thanks in advance.
      I have yet to pick up my boat, it is still at the dealer. We are having a winter that will not quit. I still have 4ft of snow in some parts of my yard. We are supposed to get more snow tonight
      I am sure the pro ballast will make the wave better. I also got the H6 so I should be able to add more weight if needed, but I also don't want to compromise the ski wake


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        I have a 2017 230 and it came with the factory rear hard tanks and the piggy back bags on top of them. Not sure how much weight that is in total? Are the factory tanks 400 each and the bags on top 200??


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          The pro ballast bags are 400 pounds each. I think the rear hard tanks are 500 pounds each making the belly tank 300 pounds.

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