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1999 Ski Nautique Control Panels

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  • 1999 Ski Nautique Control Panels

    I am working with a machine shop here to create some stainless control panels for a 1999 Ski Nautique that I am restoring. These are going to be a complete switch out of all the buttons and the Stereo din. Attached is a draft drawing of the layout. I am still in design phase of this, but he finished product will be a complete switch out of all the dash electrical.

    And as always the most expensive part is the set up at the machine shop. So the more people that want to buy one the cheaper they get. For just the plates it will be $200/each if we buy 5. A full build out would be $450 with all the buttons and electrical (Fuses, relays, etc). This price may vary on what we decide to.

    I am setting up a kill switch and seat warmer for ours so there is an extra panel that will go up underneath.

    Anyone interested. Also, we are currently making first article. So if you see a design change that you would like let me know. The material is going to be 10ga 306 Stainless.

    I will share pics as we get more to show. BOAT BEZELS (3).pdf

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    I got first articles today. I am trying to decide on if we should use toggle switches or push buttons. Any input? Attached are some pics of what I am looking at. Keep in mind that the final product is going to be a brushed stainless. This is a cheap aluminum used for first article.
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      I like the push button. I might be interested in one.


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        Those buttons look really nice,
        +1 for the buttons
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          Awesome, it is good to know that there is some interest out there for these. I will order up 5 of these to be built. There is no obligation at this time. If you still want some when I get them finished up we can work something out. Meanwhile, I will keep posting on how things are going.

          Currently I am working on switching out the ignition key with an RFID push button start. I almost got it working but my boat is ripped apart with other projects that we are doing on it so I could not get it to work perfectly. But the remaining issues should be easily resolved.

          Is there interest from everyone else to have this function? I should have this working in the next couple of weeks.

          I am really pleased with the first articles. See attached pics.

          So here what I have left on the project.
          -Get final samples of toggle switches - 1st week of March
          -Run the first off of the panels at the machine shop - 2nd week in March
          -Laser etch the panels with button labels - 3rd week in March
          -Build up the first prototype of the panel - 1st Week in April
          -Run the remaining 4 panels - 2nd Week in April
          -Etch the remaining 4 panels - 3rd week in April
          -Build up the remaining panels - 5th week in April
          Ready to Sell

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            I would actually prefer a keyed start since I have little people in the boat most of the time.


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              Push button. How are you going to label the switches.



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                I am going to laser etch on the panel the label. Sorry my pics did not load on the last post.

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                  Anybody know where I can get a wiring diagram for the dash? I want to create one for the installation of these panels.