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Fresh Air Exhaust Group Buy

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  • Fresh Air Exhaust Group Buy

    I called FAE this morning asking about Black Friday deals and they said they are not doing anything this year but they will do a group buy.

    Fresh Air Exhaust is happy to run a group buy for Planet Nautique members this fall. Fall is a great time to get a start on winter projects and have your boat ready to go, once the season starts next year. Or, if you are one of the lucky to ride all year, donít let another year go by without installing FAE!

    Fresh Air Exhaust is the original surf pipe, reducing exhaust fumes (including carbon monoxide) by at least 90% and reducing engine noise up to 50%. We have an exhaust system available for every inboard boat and work hard to earn our customerís business and satisfaction.

    This group buy will run from 11/6-11/16/18.
    With 3 or more participants, a $50 discount will be extended to each order*.
    Once there are 6 or more participants, a $75 discount will be extended to each order*. The increased discount will be manually added to all orders once the 6 participants are reached.
    *This discount is available for all participating orders that are direct, retail, new orders. Not applicable to wholesale orders, mandrel bent FAE, OEM systems, or muffler replacements.

    As Correct Craftís placement of their exhaust outlets varies from boat to boat for most year models, we will likely need to verify measurements on your boat to complete fabrication of the FAE system. If we do require measurements to complete your FAE order, this information will be requested from you once the order is placed. Please direct any questions to us directly at or at 512.647.7321.

    You can order online at using promo code PLANET18 or by phone at 512.647.7321 (be sure to mention you are a part of the Planet Nautique group buy).

    I have a few buddies that are interested I surf with so I think the odds are good we have 3 out of the gate.

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    Highly recommended! Great product and service.
    2009 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
    2006 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
    1989 Sport Nautique


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      Yes I would agree on the Actual surf pipe.
      But they really need to make a better looking and stronger Bracket. It just looks like a couple of pieces slapped together in my opinion .

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        I really don't see why a bracket like I made for my 99 sport is so hard. They required a lot of measurements to produce the surf pipe.

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          I'd be interested.