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WTB G23 or G25 coastal edition (ideally 2016 however open to 2013-2015)

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  • WTB G23 or G25 coastal edition (ideally 2016 however open to 2013-2015)

    FOUND: We are hoping to find a coastal edition G boat, open to anything out there (tough to find).
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    I have a 2019 G23 for sale.


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      Thanks for reaching out. Great looking boat, I'm hoping to find something that isn't black (brutal to keep clean in the SW) and we need a heater up here in Seattle. Thanks again!


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          I'm sure the OP's post is sincere but these always go the same way and to be truthful I don't know why anyone would respond. The response is almost always some version of..... "thank you but I was looking for a different color, different options, different trailer" and the list goes on. I came to the conclusion some time ago that from a seller's / responder's perspective the only thing you get by responding to one of these fishing expeditions (and I have done it myself as well) is a chance to look desperate. That and of course the opportunity weaken any bargaining position you had as now you're presenting your item to the poster and hoping they'll be interested. This is not where you want to be in a strong market that we're supposedly still experiencing. Does it ever work out for the seller? I would expect so I mean even a broke clock appears to work twice a day, right? But the rest of the time, no. It does seem to be a good strategy for the buyer though.

          So as to not come off completely jaded here I'll offer up my advise to anyone looking for a boat..... look everywhere and often. Even dealers these days use the same advertising network to get their used inventory out in the market. To sellers I would offer the same places to advertise. These are the places that I would recommend for both selling and buying.....

          Facebook marketplace - Probably the newest place to look. I've had good and bad luck here. The positive aspect over other advertising media is that you get a chance of sorts to vet the person that's interested in whatever you're selling. Both the poster and responder have to have a Facebook account to post/respond and you can see how long they've had it. Can you get around being on the up and up? Absolutely but at least it's better than what you get in most other places.

          Ski - it - Again - More of a watersports insider kind of site with used boat and gear. You used to get a lot of promo boats here but I'm not seeing that as much lately, probably because of the tight market removing these boats before they actually go up for sale.

          OnlyInboards - Probably the "go to" site for inboards and vDrives. If you have one of these boats and don't advertise here you're probably missing a good deal of the targeted market for your boat. I've sold 2 boats off this site.

          Craigslist - Used to be THE place, not so much anymore. At least not for me. The worst part of Craigslist for me is the scammers and creeps it seems to attract. Got to the point that I would only do transactions with people during the day, in very public parking lots with security and cameras or in the local Police department's parking lot in a location they set up specifically for this purpose. I have sold items along with an occasional car and boat here but I'm always wired tight when I do so.

          Boat Trader - I haven't sold or advertised with them in 10's of years but I do occasionally see people finding boats there. These tend to be I/O's and outboards or cruisers but there is the occasional gem that can be found.

          If anyone else sees one I've missed please feel free to add to the list.....


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            I would respectfully disagree with you about reaching out to a prospective buyer. Let's say I have a boat that I'm not using that much and considering selling, however either I'm not 100% certain I want to sell or I've been thinking about it but don't want to go through the hassle of advertising, dealing with multiple tire kickers etc... By reaching out to a prospective buyer I have a known market, I can price the boat as I wish, negotiating power is only weakened when you want it to be, it's easy to just say no. On the opposite side of the coin, the buyer posting then saying they're not interested in a prospective sellers boat, maybe they should provide more details about what they want or don't want, but saying no is understandable and acceptable, it's their preference.

            I sold my lake house when someone knocked on my door and said they were interested in buying it, it wasn't for sale, but I had been considering selling. I gave them a price, they agreed, I was moving my things out in a week. So sometimes reaching out, knocking on a door or answering the call is all it takes. I'm sure the OP is looking at all the places you mentioned, but it's easy to miss things and as this is a friendly site why not reach out to friendly people who know the market and keep an eye out, who knows, maybe a friend of a friend knows about a boat they haven't seen. There's nothing wrong with a friendly ask and a polite no.
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              In a note to the OP, you can always put a custom wrap on a black boat - and adding a heater is very simple, it's already wired and is a fairly easy install, if you're handy it will take the better part of a day, or any marine mechanic can do it.


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                I have a 2014 G23 Coastal
                385 hours

                Click image for larger version

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                  There's a time warp jump forward, fun looking boat Cmone42, they know when you are on the water.
                  It will probably behoove you to run a post in the for sale by owner section...
                  Good luck!