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ISO Clean 2016 - 2018 SAN G23 or G25, XR7 Engine, well maintained

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  • ISO Clean 2016 - 2018 SAN G23 or G25, XR7 Engine, well maintained

    Cash in hand and willing to travel for a clean, single owner, well maintained, low hours boat with trailer.

    Please let me know what you have to consider.


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    I have what you are looking for and considering selling. 2017 SAN G23 with XR7 motor and 153 hours. Only options not ordered with boat was stow-able table, auto fire extinguisher and transom filler cushion. All other options for 2017 model year ordered on boat. I have upgraded the board racks to the lasted strapless racks and has custom Sport Boat tandem axle trailer included. I am located in Southern California and boat is registered in AZ since I used mostly on Lake Havasu. I have pictures I can send. If interested let me know and send me your cell number and I will send the pics. Price $165,000 non negotiable. Local dealer has already offered me $155,000. Boat is currently at dealer getting annual service so this price includes boat ready for the season.



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      Lately I've see these "looking for "X" boat, cash in hand" posts frequently on these boards but rarely have I seen anyone actually buy anything. Quite often the cash in hand seems to be light or there's almost always something else that gets in the way. Turns out to be like a game of Go Fish for anyone that responds.

      Probably just me but the line,tell me what you have for me to consider sets you up poorly for the negotiation of the sale. You've been now put in the position of asking someone to consider your boat rather than them coming to you with their interest to purchase. I mean the chances you have the exact boat they're looking for is slim since they're not ordering it so they now have leverage to request a reduced price, right? "Oh your boat is blue? Sorry that's not what I wanted but let me think about it and maybe I'll make some kind of lower offer since I'll have to live with blue."

      I'd love to say that I've never responded to one of these but I have and with the result stated above which is probably why I'm so jaded on these posts. That said maybe I'm completely wrong and this works out well for others all the time. To me, in this market, if you're thinking of selling your boat why not just post it here for what you want and let potential buyers come to you. If you've done your job with the description and pictures they'll be no surprises and they'll either want the "blue boat" or not. Either way you'll both be on level ground during the following conversations on price. I mean, let's face it, right now if you can't move your boat you're either WAY over priced or something is wrong with it.


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        Bturner, you were absolutely correct. Everything looks good except for blue color. Lesson learned and appreciate the viewpoint.


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          One would think that if your spending the kind of money that boats are selling for these days, you would want to be a little selective in the color that fits your desires, not whatever becomes available.
          Best of luck with your sell!

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