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Looking for an 07/08 210 or any 220

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  • Looking for an 07/08 210 or any 220

    just as the title says. I know 07 is the oddball layout. , but thatís ok. Sub 700 hrs would be awesome.

    35k ish on the budget.

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    What happened to your 08 210?


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      Not sure why the 07 layout doesn't get more love on here... the seating space is nice. I also may be biased.

      Anyway, these look like they could be nice.


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        Originally posted by Nautiquehunter View Post
        What happened to your 08 210?
        Boat is for a very close friend. He loves my 08 , but stick at budget of around 35k.

        Thanks Stein
        The 07 layout to me isnít bad either. I donít see it costing the boat any useable space. I love my 08 , the rear seat that is flat straight across as opposed to notched is a bonus. The seating in the 220 is the one that I feel is weird. But all in all both rate definitely quality boats with the room and space my buddy needs. He was eying up a couple 226ís , but being a regular footed rider and most likely being a surf first boat the 226 isnít the ticket .

        The blue one in Mesa I was told had a pending sale

        we are awaiting our thaw out here , and then may check that red and black out. Itís in the Peoria IL area being listed through the broker in KY .
        Both were on the radar. Thereís a local Maristar210/X10 heís gonna check out
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          I would also suggest keeping an extra 5k in the budget for new upholstery unless he finds one that was replaced recently.
          Mine looked perfect when I bought it and fell apart in 150h of use. But 07/08 210 is an amazing boat. Good luck!


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            2009 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
            2006 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
            1989 Sport Nautique


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              You still looking? Considering selling my Ď07
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                Buddy found his gem. Thanks for all the help.