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Need help Looking at buying fist I/o

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  • Need help Looking at buying fist I/o

    OK be gentle. Iím looking to buy my first i/o.Ive been doing a lot of research between Nautique Mastercraft and Tige.Looking to spend around 40 K. Just sold my 220 ssi chaparral to upgrade to a wakeboard and surf style boat. Kids are a boy 16 and a girl 10.We wakeboard knee board and tube Plus the long ride on the boat any recommendations on model and years? We boat on table rock and lake of the ozarks in travel.Thanks
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    I would look at a SAN 210 and plan on changing in a year or so when you really figure out what you want. I think the first year or so you spend figuring out what is really important and hopefully you chose perfectly the first time but if you buy well and take good care of it and sell well it is easy to move to a different boat later down the road. Good luck, you will find that "nothing but a Nautique" here. Though, I know MC makes a great boat too. Not sure about Tige, I almost never hear anything about them anymore.


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      Do you mean youíre looking to buy your first inboard? Meaning a wakeboard style boat . Or are you looking to buy an I/O style boat to fulfill your Watersports need

      The title of the post and your first line make this a bit confusing.


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        Looking buying my first wakeboard style boat.


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          It doesn't look like we went very easy on you.
          The reason for the correction is that I/O means inboard/outboard which is the type of boat you likely came from. An inboard is a boat where everything is inboard: engine, trans, drive, only the prop is out.


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            Being that youíre on those huge lakes (Iíve been to both a lot). Youíre gonna want the biggest wakeboat with the biggest deep v Hull you can find.

            This is is a Nautique site , but quite honestly a 2005ish Tige 24v/24ve or a Centurion Avalanche would be high on the radar. You give up a bit of the higher end luxury attention but you gain so much in ride comfort cruising across those lakes it far outweighs the step down in luxury. The build quality on Centurion was rock solid and the Tige 24v was one of their best boat models the produced. The boat is a beast.

            Rest of the noteables
            Nautique 226
            Malibu 23Lsv
            MC X30.

            Stay away from Supra til about 2010. Their gelcoat and tower combos tended to spider crack from vibration.
            You will get hammered in 2000-2006 Nautique 210 or a 2000-2008 Xstar /X1 /205 v.
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