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2003 216 Ramlin Trailer

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  • 2003 216 Ramlin Trailer

    Looking for feedback from those with the same year, model boat. I converted this year from my 20 yrs of SN's skiers to a 216 open bow. I am so spoiled with my previous Ramlin SN ease for putting the boat on and off the trailer that I am ready to go back. I would have bet the house that when I bought this boat with the Ramlin trailer I would have the same trailer ease.

    Does anyone have another manufacturer trailer other than the Ramlin under their year and model boat and how do you like it. Thinking about exploring getting rid of the one I have since it is such a pain in the *** to load and unload. I have put friends other inboards on their trailers and swear its easier. Funny, I used to think that wow, cant believe their boat loading took more work than my previous boat. I'd love for my new one to be at least like theirs now.

    Thanks in advance.
    1990 SN / Cincy, OH

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    Funny I just bought an 04 I have the Ramlin Trailer what has been your issue? I have only had to put it on once so far (test drive) it was tight but I think the trick is getting used to the dual axle and how deep or shallow I will need to go. I also have a 91 SN on an eagle trailer and my 86 was defiantly the easiest to load.