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    Which speaker is a suitable replacement for MB Quart DCE 116? Boat is 2004 Super Air Nautique 210 with Titan speaker enclosures. Specs on back of speaker: 4 ohm, power handling 50-120 watt. The outside to outside diameter measurement is 6 ”. Hopefully I can install one that does not require altering the existing mounting holes and will be able to keep the same grill. Thank you

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    Hopefully I can install one that does not require altering the existing mounting holes
    Are you referring to replacing the driver in the existing pod? If so, you will likely end up drilling new mounting holes.

    [QUOTE][and will be able to keep the same grill.​/QUOTE]

    Grills are mostly proprietary. Mounting holes, tweeter size and how its mounted and outside frame dia are all variables. Whatever driver will fit the pod, will likely require using its own supplied grill.


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      Thank you. I was able to use MB Quart FKB116 with minimal modification. The grill from the old speaker fits the new speaker.


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        Yeah, those are car door speakers that have a pole mounted tweeter v's a typical marine speaker that uses a bridge or grill mounted tweeter, which is where my comments is relevant. If the tweeter is mounted to the grill of the new speaker, then its obvious you cant use the old grill. If the tweeter is bridge-mounted, then the its unlikely the old grill is going to fit the bridge and tweeter on the new speaker.

        A couple of downsides to car speakers. The fore mentions pole mounted tweeter usually leaves and air gap between the pole and mid-bass cone, allowing moisture into the motor. Exposed magnet and steel basket can rust. How fast, depends on the conditions such as salt water use, fresh water trailer or fresh water wet slip.