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OEM speakers / size 1999 Sport Nautique

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  • OEM speakers / size 1999 Sport Nautique

    I have a 1999 Sport Nautique with, I assume, the original stereo. Before undertaking the removal of the current speakers and head unit, I’m curious if there was a standard size that left the factory. The speakers still reside behind the off-white speaker cloth that matches the original upholstery. That leads me to believe the speakers are the original OEM setup. Could someone tell me what they are, and if there’s a recommendation for replacement that won’t require a trip to the upholstery shop? I’m certain bigger drivers equals bigger sound, but prefer little or no upholstery mods to facilitate speaker replacement. Thanks in advance

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    I think you can get a view of the the back of one of the speakers on the port side main cabin, with an inspection mirror and light. There you should find the brand and model number. IIRC, they were a 6". Most marine speakers these days, come on a 6.5" class, so slightly larger OD. This may pose a hurdle securing the new speaker to the existing composite ring.

    The Grill design is going to limit your options. You are going to need a speaker that does not have a grill mounted tweeter and grill thats an integrated part of the basket. Having the grill integrated into the speaker and housing the tweeter, makes it tough to mount the speaker in the way that the original speakers are. They are likely a pole mounted tweeter and the grill was left off. This is why most relocate the new speakers to the front of the combing pads, and do away with the cloth grill and "tunnel" that make up the original speaker mounting. This can be done without reupholstering the boat.


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      Thank you for the info. I tend to like audio to be discreet in its appearance. Hence, replacement of OEM speakers with same size and location. I’ll have to consider tasteful, white grill speakers to mount on the front of the combing pad, as opposed to on the backside. Bigger speakers will undoubtedly sound better than 5” or 5.5”.


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        As stated above 6.5" ifs going to be about the only quality marine rated option. Nautique went to JL if you want to try to stay in a "Nautique related" upgrade. They have their sport grill models which is what the new boats use that are pretty much the high end standard. Be aware they aren't cheap. They start at about $220 however they are on sale for Cyber Monday throughout the internet today.


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          Thanks again