I have noticed that quite often, people are quoting posts in their reply instead of simply replying to them.

Proper forum etiquette is to only quote a previous post if you are replying to it in an out of order situation.

For example, if you are replying to a person who made the last post in a thread, just create a new post in the thread with your response. If you are responding to a person who posted several messages above yours in a thread, then it is appropriate to quote that person, so that it is clear who and what you are replying to.

It is completely unnecessary to quote the post directly above yours in a thread if you are simply replying to that post. Some members seem to quote the previous post on every single post they make.

Excessive quoting, which often includes quoting pictures, is causing our database to grow unnecessarily. Quoting unnecessarily can use quite a bit of database capacity for no reason, so please make an effort to just reply without quoting if you are replying to the post above yours in a thread.

Again, quoting in an appropriate manner (like mentioned above) is certainly acceptable.

Posts that quote the post directly above theirs will be edited by an admin to remove the quote.