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Way off topic - Friction Wheel Boat lift motor (recommendations needed)

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  • Way off topic - Friction Wheel Boat lift motor (recommendations needed)

    Hi all,
    Each year I try to do something for the owner of the house who graciously lets me dock my Nautique for the summer. This year, I'm considering purchasing him a friction wheel motor for his Shorestation lift. I'm wondering if people have had luck with a specific brand/model of motor, and if so, which one. Would be looking to do an AC motor as we have power to the docks.

    Ideally it would be great to find one that is remote operable, so he can "park" the tritoon from the helm. But if not, the simple manual switch would work.

    He'd be vertically lifting a (roughly) 26' tritoon with 150hp OB. Lift is in place, and I think a friction wheel would be preferred to a direct drive motor so he could always have a manual option if needed.


    Thanks in advance! (p.s. my lift has a direct drive on a cantilever, so kinda a different setup)
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    I tried the non OEM model on my ShoreStation years ago and sent it back. I didn't like where it mounted on the wheel and it just seem janky to me. Will it to you? Don't know.

    I've had the 12 volt version for years now and it works well but I will say the 110 AC version is a lot better. Unless something is different now I don't think there is a remote for these.

    The down side for either of the ShoreStation branded versions is cost. I think they're about $1200 now if not more. Would be great if you could find a used one somehow.


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      For what it's's the Hewitt lift page with various motor options they offer. I know yours is a shorestation but this may give some comps, etc.

      General page lift page

      Here's their 120v powerwheel option

      I like this one - 120v direct drive motor with key on unit and a remote fob.
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        Starting my third season with a Boat Lift Buddy and nothing but good things to say. We don't have dock power so I bought the 12V version and have it hooked up to my accessory battery in the boat. It comes with a quick release connection so we pull in, hook up, and lift the boat with a flip of the switch. They also have a 120v version that I assume would be even better. Our lift is a MetalCraft 5000lb capacity with a typical big manual wheel and the motor has an adjustable bungee to keep the friction between the motor and the lift wheel. Quickly disconnect the bungee and you are right back to manual use.

        Like everything else, also sold on Amazon.
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