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Recommendation for Houseboat Rental at Lake Cumberland KY

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  • Recommendation for Houseboat Rental at Lake Cumberland KY

    Looking to get a houseboat vacation to Lake Cumberland or close to that scheduled for next year. Does anyone have a recommendation on where to go and best companies to rent from. Can't think of a better vacation than 4 days on the water with the Nautique and a group of friends.


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    We have been to Dale Hollow a few times and rented from Wisdom Dock. They are a pretty good outfit with decent boats and prices. Been a few years, so they probably have some newer boats by now. Dale Hollow is similar to Cumberland. Lots of fingers to check out and lots of cool spots to tie up for the night. My wife and her family used to go to Cumberland every year and rent from State Dock. They loved that too.

    One tip I will give for either place. Find a cove for the night that is the right size and tie the boat up in the middle of it (not on either shore), bow to one side of the cove and stern to the other. The first year we did not do this and we were picking up garbage from the 'coons every morning. We even found a snake on board one morning! It can be a little bit of a hassle getting the boat in the middle of the cove, but it is not too bad, especially if you have a fishing boat or kayak or something.


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      I moor our houseboat (Nautique Oasis) at Wisdom Dock on the Holler; if you want any infomation PM me.
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        we went there a few years back, I wouldn't necessarily recommend the place we used (not bad but not great). I highly recommend this type of vacation. I loved it.
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          We rented from Wisdom and State but it was 15 years ago. We didn't have any problems with either but who knows because of the time frame. 8 couples went for four years for a week and every year it was a great time. We took two ski boats, two jet skis and one Rinker and never steped on land for a week.
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