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Engine not engaging properly!

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  • Engine not engaging properly!

    super air nautique 2001 21" make knocking sound when engaged. I have to run at idle speed cause I'm sure something will break. I reved up the engine in neutral and the engine runs fine, not problem with it. What would be the cause? The V-Drive or the transmission? The oil level in the V-drive is fine. Have not checked the transmission oil yet. Thought I might ask if anyone had any directions to direct me straight to the problem.
    Engine PCM GT-40
    V-drive walter rv-26D

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    If you can post a video of this when happening it would help
    2009 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
    2006 Super Air Nautique 210 TE
    1989 Sport Nautique


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      I will try to film it tomorow.


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        So the boat is out for the season on the trailer. Yesterday I turned the engine on with water supply. Engaged the transmission to get the problem on video. The engine and transmission and V-Drive works fine. Thanks for the help.


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          Always happens. Maybe post the symptoms on CCFan and see what they might suggest.


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