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Ski nautique 1986 drive shaft

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  • Ski nautique 1986 drive shaft

    I was looking at a 1986 ski nautique 2001 today, I think I'm going to purchase it. I'm just searching for some last minute nuggets of information as I'm pretty new to boats.

    I think I looked over the boat pretty well for someone who's only googled how to do it. However, I might have missed something out of ignorance.

    All the bolts tighten into the stringers nicely (don't spin). I found a water leak in the exhaust which I think will be an easy fix.

    Where the prop shaft goes through the hull.. Is it supposed to look like in the attached picture?

    Also, in the other picture... it seems like there is a crack in the fiberglass in the top of the stringer behind the back seat. Is this anything to worry about? (I know it's a horrible photo. Sorry).

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    yeah, that looks about right. Remember the machines they were working with back in 86 (chisel and hammer - ha!).

    I can't remember... in 86 was it dual exhaust with the mufflers in the floor? If so just go back in with schedule 80 PVC. It will sound awesome. Stringers is your big thing. Good luck!
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      If the stringers check out and engine/trans check out, there is not a lot to go wrong with those boats. Were the stringers redone at some point, or are they original? Not impossible, but original stringers in perfect condition would be a really lucky find. If you have not already, check out That site is awesome for that era of boats and the guys are more than willing to help out.