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Help with drip rate on packing gland

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  • Help with drip rate on packing gland

    When the order was put in for our '04 SANTE, somewhere in the mix the dripless gland option got left off. No worries, i guess...but we're wondering if we are taking on more water than we should. I know it is supposed to drip a little, but have a few questions:

    What is the proper drip rate per min?
    How do you adjust the rate? (i've heard this is a pain on V-drives :evil: )
    Should you adjust this out on the water or is it trial and error after adjusting on dry land?

    Our dealer is pretty swamped opening a new shop right now, so if we can resolve this ourselves (and learn a little about our boat) we'd prefer to.


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    i don't know the exact drip rate but i tighten mine so it just drips 1 or 2 drops every 20 seconds. the water is there to lubricate the shaft. you do have to do it in the water as that is the only way to tell if it is dripping at all. my boat is a full inboard so i don't know if it is any harder on a v-drive. hope that helps.


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      I beleive the proper drip rate is 0 at a stop and 1to 2 per min. running. Having said this it also matters if the boat is left in the water where the packing can swell or if your just using it for the day. You do need some dripping to lubricate the packing. Ther big problem is the boat sinking if left overnight witrh a torrent through the shaft gland and the Bilge pump runs the battery down. I only leave my boat in the water for a week or 2 at a time in the summer and then I make sure the packing leaks less than 30 drops a min when I put it in and after the first 8 hours it usually. slows to 2-3. I know this is long, sorry but I have also seen manuals that say to tighten it every time you put it away for the night.
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        thanks for the help...does anyone have any experience adjusting one of these on a vdrive? Is it really that hard to get to? I know a lot of you guys have SAN's...someone has to have done this who could share...



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          I have not adjusted mine, heck I don't even know if it is a dripless packing or not. I have had the dealer do that work, but I did change the v-drive and tranny fluid recently, and that was a big PITA. I am sure getting to the packing would be even harder since it is located under all that other stuff. I can't imagine doing it with the rear tanks still in the boat.


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            Start stretching and get flexible. If you an get your hands on it, you can do it yourself.


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              the packing gland is a PITA i have adjusted my fair share of them, onthe SAN it is lefthanded threads so it opposite of a normal bolt. By the way don't forget to install new safty wire on the gland. you should adjust it in the water to 2 to 10 drops a minute depending on how long it has been in the water 10 drops when just backed it into the water or 2 drops per minute if it has been in the water oveer an hour and been run in.