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Drive Shaft Coupling Flange Removal

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  • Drive Shaft Coupling Flange Removal

    Anyone have a good method for separating the transmission coupling flange from the driveshaft on a 2001 SAN?

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    RE: Drive Shaft Coupling Flange Removal

    gear puller, penetrating lube, and MAYBE some heat from a propane torch if its really "stuck"


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      Lubricate and use some small wedges to drive between the flanges evenly. First one side and then the other.


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        Slide hammer that threads onto prop shaft.

        Alberts or ARE has them in Oregon... The other trick I have seen, used on the single taper shafts, is to separate the transmission flange, and the prop shaft flange, put a short socket in between them, that just fits on the end of the prop shaft, and then use 4 longer bolts to couple the flanges back together.

        Then, gently tighten them to place some pressure on the end of the propshaft.

        Hook up the shaft puller, and wham away! Usually is out in about 20 or thirty slides.

        Good times!



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          Website for Alberts and A.R.E.

          Would you pass along the website or other contact info for Alberts and A.R.E.? Looking for those tools but the search engines are not cooperating!

          Thanks, Mike


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            web site

            Mike -

            here ya go:


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              RE: web site

              Thanks! looks like some fun on the board newwakesurfer!


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                shaft puller

                use a puller like this


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                  RE: shaft puller

                  The slide hammer shaft puller that Skidim sells make this job a piece of cake especially on a V-drive!


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                    Nearly impossible to do

                    I disconnected the flange from the transmission took the shaft out,took it to a engineering shop where they cut the shaft and used a high pressure punch to separate the two ,even the punch struggled to separate the drive shaft from the coupling flange


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                      RE: Nearly impossible to do

                      how did u remove the shaft with the coupling attached? and why did u cut ur shaft?


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                        Drive shaft nightmare

                        Andrew, i have a sv 211 which on our holiday we hit a snag which snapped the rudder completely off,bent the rudder support,destroyed the prop bent the drive shaft support & bent the drive shaft since in australia had no support at all not one part in australia so we thought we could get a new drive shaft made up while we wait for the other components to arrive anyway we tryed to separate the flange from the shaft by inserting longer bolts with spacers between the flange & transmission it would not move. I then took the petrol tank out,removed one of the engine mounts disconnected the stuffing box & slid the shaft & flange out we then took it to a local engineer In which the shaft had to be cut so we could place the shaft in his punch to separate the flange from the shaft. I then had one working drive shaft flange he was going to make the shaft for me.Another set back he couldnt get our size shaft so our holiday was over. six weeks later finally our prop,rudder,rudder support,shaft with flange attached to it turned up wrong size so we were stuck waiting for another fortnight
                        sorry to bore you with the whole story but we learnt a fair bit might have done things wrong but there was no way the shaft & flange were ever going to be separated.When the non factory approved shaft was supplied they reused my flange & told me it comes as one piece but due to the mix up they made a shaft to suit non genuine


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                          RE: Drive shaft nightmare

                          gotcha, that kinda work always sucks!