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Button panel or fill tank issue?

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  • Button panel or fill tank issue?

    Hi all,

    First post on the forum so bear with me!

    I have an 2003 SANTE 210. Everything was working properly as far as filling the ballast tanks goes.

    It recently developed an issue: when I go to fill the center ballast, the button panel locks up, engine stalls and won’t do anything. I then have to flip the power toggle and then everything works again except the center ballast fill.

    Has anyone experienced this issue or what type of things should I check? Thank you in advance!

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    Here’s a picture of her!

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      Who knows what all could "really" be going on here, but I would start by checking to see in the center ballast fill pump is working properly. I would pull the connector and try hitting the fill button first. Maybe hookup a test light to see if it lights when you turn the pump on. If the boat doesn't stall, and the test light turns on, that should mean your pump is bad. The pump is located right under the center access panel, and is easy to get to for testing / replacement.

      That being said, the aerator style pumps do not pull that much amperage, so I wouldn't think a short there will kill the motor, but maybe it would.