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Steering assist stopped working?

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  • Steering assist stopped working?

    Have 45 hours on our g23 and today we somehow got the wakeboard line wrapped up in the steering assist propeller. We cut it out and it worked fine for about another hour. Then it stopped working. Seemed to of maybe made a slightly louder operating sound after the mishap? The propeller turns fine and isnít bound up.

    I thought maybe a fuse or a breaker but I didnít see one for the SA under the steering wheel. Iím taking to dealer for service soon but wondered if Iím missing something obvious?

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    In case anyone else has this happen and it comes up in a search etc, it was the remote sending unit that sends power to the thruster from the battery. It went bad. Dealer replaced and works fine now.

    They also adjusted the steering sensor on the rudder so it will track straight and have equal thrust left and right (which it didnít before)

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