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Prop help with 2004 SV 211 TE

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  • Stevemo14
    The link below will be a good reference point for you. It really depends on what you are looking for. More pulling power down low, or more top speed. There are 4 props that i think most people use on these boats.

    536 - Stock prop, most top end
    644 - Wakeboard Prop for factory ballast. Good all around Prop ( stock on some boats of that era )
    856 - Wakeboard / surf prop for boats with added ballast ( I don't own one so i have no clue )
    1578 - Heavy ballast boats / high elevation. Great hole shot, great for heavy weighted boats, will still do 43 mph. ( I run this one on my 05 SANTE )

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  • CalebSV211
    started a topic Prop help with 2004 SV 211 TE

    Prop help with 2004 SV 211 TE

    I am very new to this I am wondering if any one can help me out with prop rotation and also numbers for a new prop.