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    I've read a few posts and think I have a bad toggle switch. I have no power to the keypad, only to the bilge. I'm looking at replacing the switch, but I have a 6 post switch. The two middle wires are red/black and brown/white, the ignition side of the switch is red, bilge side is brown, remaining posts are cutoff. question is why are there two middle wires?? most posts just reference one middle wire. any recommendations on where to buy replacement switches?

    boat is an 06 SANTE 210

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    I'm not sure about the second wire. My brain is off now.

    pasted from one of my other posts.

    mfg - Cole Hersee 5586 available here:

    4. I also installed one of these rubber boots to keep the water out:
    (This boot will likely fit on your existing switch.)

    mfg - Cole Hersee 81264-07 (yellow)

    5. Here is another choice:

    mfg - Cole Hersee 81255 half boot

    6. If you foul up the decal around the panel (like I did), don't worry. David at White Lake can get you a replacement.


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      If I had to guess, it is a DPDT switch with 2 seperate commons instead of 1. You might just have to jumper from one to the other to have the desired effect. You will have to check it with a multimeter to be sure. That is my best guess.


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        I think his question is why is there a second "line" wire on the hot. Or, did someone use the hot on the switch and use it as a terminal block to feed constant power to a new load.

        he should be able to figure if it is line or load with the volt meter.

        then trace the wire if possible.


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          Just an update. Turns out the Toggle Switch was good. There was a Relay under the front fuse box that went bad. Ordered a new one from White Lake Marine, popped it on and the boat fired right up.