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steering wheel ticking

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  • steering wheel ticking

    just took our 220 out and heard a ticking noise ??? does not seam to really affecting anything ?? what the heck do you guys think it could b ?? 543 hrs reg service ??

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    It is the no feedback rack and pinion steering gear. Probably has some wear....AND....your steering cable is starting to get stiff.

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      You guys getting a ticking noise in the steering need to check your tilt mechanisim! I had a weird problem with my steering where it "caught" and then released and seemed to be fine. I checked over the system, but didn't pull the tilt apart.
      My steering just about locked up last week suddenly, so I pulled it apart thinking that the pinion had gone bad, only to discover that one of the small bolts that hold the tilt steering mechanisim to the actual steering pinion shaft had come loose, and was binding up in the tilt steering area. The bolt was badly bent (probably a #10 or 12 bolt) and fell out when I removed the rubber bellows protecting this area. The actual part of the tilt steering (part that turns the pinion gear) is a two piece "clamp" that bolts together to turn the pinon gear. The input of the pinion gear is a rectangular flat "shaft" about 5/16" thick. The bolt that came loose was hitting on the surrounding part of the tilt mech. and that was causing the "catch" in the steering.
      Check out the site for what it looks like.

      I would bet that the "ticking" you are hearing is something in that tilt mech. getting loose and hitting somewhere...

      Gasman, how's Montreal? Any issues with the cannucks?
      phone went into the drink last night, or I would have txted this info to you as well....
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        ill check into both .thanks !! chics up here are amazing !!!! NO PLACE LIKE HOME THO !!!!!
        SURFING TUES ......