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Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

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  • Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

    The time has come again for the spring cleaning. As many of you all have been around for a few years, yall might have remembered the original spring cleaning thread.;highlight=

    It was a great thread that turned to crap when my idiot friends took if off track. A lot of the stuff was never posted about the end of the cleaning. Partially because it never happened and partially because if was lazy. Anyways, today marks the day of a new cleaning session.

    This one won't be near as involved. I'm not going to remove every nut and bolt. The main purpose is to clean 2 summers worth of use and finish those little projects that were never done.

    The rear hatch covers will have to be replaced. I need to finish wiring the stereo up permanently. Might replace all the interior speakers (highs in the polks are blown). Need to fix the HF driver in one of the towers, new sub box, etc, etc etc......

    I did get a few things knocked off: Got the shifter fixed. Got her running!!! The stupid 3 way switch went out and had to replace it. Just went with a single switch. I don't think I will ever need the bilge function.

    Cheers and enjoy!!!

    The list

    The stuff

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    RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

    Got a few things done last night. Vacuumed for the second time. After the first time, I put the cover on it and it was full of crap that got in the boat. Arggg. I got the new power switch wired up and mounted me a little light on the tree so I can work into the dark.


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      RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

      Looking forward to it!
      2001 SAN


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        RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

        good stuff your last spring clean thread was inspiration for ours

        2001 Super Air Nautique 210


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          RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

          Liquid.....I've been following your thread on WW too. It's funny how there are at least 3 SAN's going through roughly the same thing right now. Even funnier is that mine looks just like yours!


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            RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

            And the list goes on.....

            Replacement Perfect Pass Display, Attwood T-800 pumps

            Display $35

            Guts of the PP display. You can see the 6 pin header that I accessed to change the speed. The membrane switch went out so I had to change it by shorting the correct pin to ground. Ghetto but it worked.

            Actual LCD display. I think I'm gonna replace it with a Blue LCD. Why? Why not?



            Why won't the stereo work? Doh! I forgot that I broke the bolt.

            Temporary fix...We'll see

            Out with the old....

            These new style pumps have replaceable cartridges, sweet!

            In with the new

            Ballast tank level senders. They are acting sporadic so I figured I'd pull them to see if I can test them

            Hmmm. This is supposed to be sealed.

            So that's why they don't always work. I'm gonna try to clean and dry out the PCB's and see if I can make it work. It's pretty simple. Just a bunch of reed switches (magnetic) with resistors. The float closes the switch and then the resistance is read by the gauge.

            You might remember the vent plates that I had chromed a few years back. This is what they looked like new....

            What they look like after 2 years. I took them back to the guy that did them for me. He's gonna bead blast them for $30 and then I'm either gonna paint them or get them powder coated black (or white, or pink!)

            Finally got the strainer in. Actually remembered this year to remove it so that it didn't freeze and crack. Problem is I forgot where the **** I put it. I also got an extra impeller to keep on board.

            Started to wire in the new pumps.

            Then I got side tracked. I started to pull a extra 4-conductor wire from there pumps are located and where the old teleflex valves are. I'm going to be replacing these with some 12V solenoid type valves. I'll just tap into the power from the pump so when it gets power, the valve opens up. At the moment, we just keep the old valves open and use the manual shutoffs.

            Got the fresh water hoses and fittings taken apart. Waiting on a the flush pro to get here. No more getting under the boat. Woohoo!

            Hmmm. I wonder if this is why the depth finder isn't working. Gonna have to see if I can take the connector apart and salvage the pin and recrimp it. Otherwise, I'll just have to solder directly to the plug on the box or tie directly into the box. Shouldn't be too hard. Hopefully this is all thats wrong with it.

            Every little project seems to lead to another one. And then I never have everything that I need to finish so I have to move on. Still a ton of stuff to do before I can even get on the water. I'm trying to get out to the lake next week. I'm definitely not going to finish the list before then. Hopefully, enough though to get it wet.



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              RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

              Interesting saga...keep it coming. I also am still using the stock hard tank ballast setup with the aerator pumps and vent valves. I also had to replace one of my sending units. I replaced mine with the OEM supplier WEMA USA Inc. They no longer make the plastic senders, they are now metal and not costly. Mine are 6" and I paid about $40.00 ( I think). First thing I noticed is that the metal mounting flange of the new sending unit does not flex when tightened and thus makes a better air-tight seal. My tank with the new sender does not leak air, the other tank does. So, if the tank does not leak air, the vent valves actually work. I will be ordering a new sender for the other tank soon. Just measure the length of your existing sender and go to WEMA website and order a replacement.

              If you find a suitabe 12v solenoid valve (ignition protected) let me know as that would be an ideal setup.


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                RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

                Yeah. I called my dealer and he said that the new ones were about $60. I figured that I'd spend about and hour cleaning them up to see if it will work again.

                Good point about ignition protected. I will have to check on that one. One of the other owners of the boats sells valves and such to the oil industry. Hopefully it will be protected. It's a freebie so I hope so. Zip zero nada


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                  RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

                  I have an '03 210 as well. To this day I still refer back to your original thread for tips/answers quite a bit. In fact, it is one of my bookmarks. Totally appreciate you posting this info on your projects. I learned a lot from your first project and I'm looking forward to following this one. I will start my spring cleaning in a couple of weeks and I'm sure I will have to do many of the same small projects. Also, good to know that the chrome vents didn't quite work out. That was on my short list of nice-to-have projects that I was thinking about doing this year. Anyhow, thanks for all the useful info and I look forward to seeing the results of round 2. Cheers!
                  2003 SANTE


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                    RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

                    Good luck with your cleaning. It's always nice to know that it has helped out.

                    Wow! I just looked at the old thread and it has almost 20K views.

                    Edit: It has over 20K now. Any idea what the most views for any thread on this site is?


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                      Re: RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

                      Originally posted by bmh2208
                      Yeah. I called my dealer and he said that the new ones were about $60.
                      Cut out the middle man, go direct to WEMA and save save save.


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                        RE: Re: RE: Spring Cleaning Part Deux!

                        I can't tell if it's on your list, but get whatever crap is on that platform off!


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                          I think you should pull your engine and vdrive so you can clean the bilge. :grin:

                          You are very dedicated!


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                            Sethro....LOL I think I almost thought about cleaning the bilge last time. It actually looks pretty good so, NO THANKS.

                            Hollywood.....It's on the list. Suprisingly, that "crap" is Sikkens Cetol that I applied back during the original thread. I found about it on this one.


                            Wake_fun has had his on there for 6 years without reapplication. I think that this time I'll make sure to wait 24 hours between coats and then lightly sand between coats. I think that we forgot to scuff between coats last time. It just looks way to bad a$$ when it is done to do anything different. Even if it is slick as turtle $hit, I think that only 2 people busted their a$$ on it in the past two years. I think that I like it because it reminds me of that infinitely deep looking varnish that my grandparents always had on their yacht. Here's a pic of what it looked like when I did it the first time. Hopefully, it will look just as good


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                              Happen to have pics of what your ballast tanks look like?

                              Our 01 SAN has similar level sensors for the tanks but they are only about 6 inches long.
                              2001 SAN