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    Some more comments:

    1. Other tricks to catch oil filter spillage is to cut down 1 liter or 2 liter soda bottles depending on filter size. Cut the top off for a disposable bucket or cut the bottom off for a disposable funnel.

    2. I 've seen pictures of some of the ford engines with the tilted filter adapter...what a mess.

    3. I prefer draining hot rather than sucking out hot. Draining hot gets more of the crud out. Sucking cold is doable but almost impossible. I sucked some 7 year old oil out of a 5.0 mercruiser one time. My vacuum pump and my home-made mason jar oil bong were operating at about 20" mercury vacuum. I can only imagine the mess if the jar had imploded. As soon as I got most of the old oil out, I put fresh oil in, ran it on the hose until it was hot and did it again. Then put new oil and ran it on the lake for half a day then did it far so good. Brother-in-law's boat...still going. He probably hasn't changed the oil since then.

    4. I like the overnight drain also. I save my 5qt oil bottle from the last change and let the oil dump out hot. While it starts, I do the filter. Come back the next day and check the volume that drained. I prime the filter plus start by pouring in the same volume that drained out. So far, spot on each time.



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      Thanks for all the tips and info. Is there a oil brand that is recomended or one that I should not use?

      Thanks, Nick


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        Well the oil is out and the only trouble I had was when I opened the hose nothing came out a first I looked inside and the hose was routed over a cooling hose so I rerouted it and then it worked perfect.


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          Changed oil & filter on my '05 211 last weekend for the first time and here's what I learned:

          *Search and read all oil change related posts. This forum was invaluable for tips and suggestions.

          *Run the engine for a few minutes to warm engine oil.

          *The drain hose on the 211 (at least for the '05 model) is to short to reach the drain plug. Get a couple feet of 5/8" or 1/2" hose (I got clear from Home Depot), a hose clamp and attach to the end of your drain hose. After connecting, thread hose below engine to drain plug.

          *At this point, you can let gravity to its thing or help it out with a pump. I read many pump reviews in addition to forum suggestions before setting on the Jabsco drill pump (West Marine has them for $30). The Jabsco was a forum recommendation and worked great. Got under the boat with my 3/8" drill, oil reservoir and connected to the oil drain hose (used a hose clamp but could be overkill). Started up the drill/pump and in about 5 minutes, all the oil was sucked out.

          *As someone suggested, I used an old sock over the filter to remove and shop towels underneath. Way more oil came out of the filter than I expected but the sock and towels caught it all.

          *Replaced filter with new Motorcraft FL-1A and oil with 15w-40 (little over 4 quarts).

          What didn't work:

          *I initially tried sucking oil from the drain hose above the engine. This approach did not work. After a few minutes of running the drill/pump, no oil.

          I considered going in via the dipstick but I'm new to working with engines and saved that method as plan "c".


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            oil change tips

            Before you install the new filter:

            1) Use a sharpie marker to note the date and engine hours on the new filter. Write it in several places so it will be visible after installed.

            2) Fill filter 3/4 full with new oil and wipe a few drops on the rubber gasket

            3) MAKE SURE THE OLD FILTER GASKET IS OFF. Won't seal properly, big mess.

            After you are finished run engine and look for leaks especially if it is your first filter change or if you are changing filter brands. Neighbor's new Prostar bilge filled w/ oil on first change after parts counter guy gave wrong cross reference on filter number.


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              i have a 2004 nautique 206 limited, with the PCM 330hp 350, 290 hours. typical operational temperature is 16 - 35 deg. celcius. bought it used last year, and would like to do my own winterization.

              where do i find the oil specifications, i.e. viscosity and quantity? i don't see it in the manual or on any of this info except the clip at the top, BUT i can't find it anywhere else to verify, nor can i find the "specifications" section to check the quantity required. it references strait 40 weight, but i've also been told 15-40 so would like to verify.

              nor can i find any info on the transmission oil type and quantity.

              any advice is appreciated.



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                i found the attached info at the PCM website finally. 15-40 regular oil with Dextron III ATF. the specs are on page 28, and the quantities page 56. 3.8l of oil for my 5.7l, and 1.9l dextron II.

                OIL REQUIREMENTS - 10
                Use of Supplemental Additives
                Engine oils meeting PCM Engines’ recommendations
                already contain a balanced additive treatment. The
                use of supplemental additives which are added to the
                engine oil by the customer are unnecessary and may
                be harmful. PCM Engines does not review, approve or
                recommend such products.
                Synthetic Oils
                Synthetic engine oils are not recommended for use
                in PCM Engines. Synthetics may offer advantages
                in cold temperature pumpability and high temperature
                oxidation-resistance. However, synthetic oils have not
                proven to provide operational or economic benefi ts
                over conventional petroleum-based oils in PCM Engines.
                Their use does not permit the extension of oil change
                Engine Oil Requirements
                The following chart shows the recommended oil viscosity
                for various ambient temperature ranges:
                Prevailing Ambient Recommended A.P.I.
                Temperature Classifi cation & Viscosity
                Above 50°F SAE 15W-40 “SJ”
                Below 50°F SAE 5W-30 “SJ”
                IMPORTANT: The use of oils which contain “solid”
                additives, non-detergent oils or low quality oils
                specifi cally are not recommended.
                WARRANTY NOTICE: PCM Engines reserves the right
                to refuse warranty on part(s) and/or engine(s) damaged
                by using improper fuels and engine oils.
                Oil Change Intervals (Common)
                Crankcase oil and oil fi lter change - Recommended
                • Initial oil change - 1st 60 days or 25 hours of
                operation, whichever occurs fi rst
                • Regular oil changes - Every 50 hours of
                operation or 120 days, whichever occurs fi rst
                Recommended A.P.I.
                Transmission Classifi cation and
                and “V” Drive Viscosity
                PCM Dexron III Automatic
                Transmissions Transmission Fluid (ATF)
                or equivalent
                Walters “V”-Drive SAE 30
                Dexron III Automatic
                All Hurth Gear Transmission Fluid (ATF)
                Transmissions or equivalent