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Adding bags to 2014 G21

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  • Adding bags to 2014 G21

    Thought I was buying a piggyback system from Wave Makers but ended up with two 600 lb bags for a 210. Looks like I can still make it work by using a tee fitting on the fill line but not sure about the vent lines. The bags use 1” ID hose but the vent lines are smaller. Is this why wave makers doesn’t have a piggyback system for the G21?
    The why is we rarely have more than 3 people in the boat so I want to simulate more passengers.
    Any advice on adding it to the stock system? I don’t want to add more pumps and vents.

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    Call Wakemakers, and they will help you out. I have talked to them many times and they are great at helping.


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      Thanks. I was reluctant because the first call they basically told me they didn’t make an application for a 2014 G21. Today when I called they explained the difference in application and that a 2015 G21 system would work and have all the plumbing supplies needed with it. You’re right, they’re good people.