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2015 SAN 210 Questions, looking to upgrade

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  • 2015 SAN 210 Questions, looking to upgrade

    I've owned an OG 2003 SAN 210 since the day I pulled it off the lot new. Been an amazing boat for us but me and the kids are about ready. Looking at a couple used 2015 210's and wanted to know if there are specific things I should be reviewing them for. I mostly wakeboard but the kids mostly want to surf now. The 210 is about the right size for our family and tow vehicle unfortunately. Thoughts or specifics to ask the sellers?

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    Saved a ton of money on a high hours, some-salt used 2015 210. Pretty happy with our purchase. The key is to plan to reinvest some of that money back into the kind of stuff that starts to need attention at that age. So far, just a new battery, some leak-finding in the cooling system, some new ballast and raw water pump impellers, a bilge pump, a couple light bulbs, and a yet-to-be found ground loop in the powered subwoofer.

    The tower latch handles were a bit stripped, but since I upgraded my lift canopy to let it fit without folding the tower, we never use the handles. Some of the Seadek is about ready to be replaced, but the previous owner had purchased a whole new set but had not installed it yet, so that will be my spring project.

    All of the above is the kind of stuff that are not deal-killers. Just be prepared to put in the work/money to maintain your 6-year old boat.


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      The one I’m looking at only has 250 hrs since it’s winterized in the snow, can’t test drive it. Is it crazy to buy it without a test drive if I see all maintenance records and stuff?


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        I wouldn’t ever buy a boat I can’t test drive. Re-draining the block is at most a 30 minute process. If the seller isn’t willing to do that to get a test drive and make the sale I’d be suspicious enough to pass, especially with the winter we’ve had.


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          Put a deposit down pending a water test.