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whats the difference between a SANTE and SANLE

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  • whats the difference between a SANTE and SANLE

    i found a 2004 super air nautique but its a limited edition and not the team edition that ive heard of, whats the difference? thanks

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    Should be able to find an 04' brochure on or website, the back pages typically will list what items are standard or optional for all 3 trim levels.
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      My limited knowledge tells me that the le does not have all the team options like keyless ignition, larger ballast, potentially speakers for the tower,twin batteries etc.. I looked one that was a great deal about 2 years ago and when arrived it didn't have a tower. But I think most of them had towers
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        Le had keyless. It was all the se that had keys. Team edition had the fiberglass platform, 850 lb ballast, 644 prop, perfect pass wakeboard pro, and a couple other little things I am forgetting. All 210s could be ordered with any or all these options in le form though. Check the brochure on this site or ccfan. It will tell you everything with certainty. Just remember that the le can be had pretty loaded up if you go look at one.


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          I own a limited. I bought it from Larson Marine back in 2005. (awesome dealer). At that time, they ordered their limited boats with all of the team options except bow speakers/stereo package and wedge tanks because it saved the customer money since they knew no one (in our region) wanted to pay for a stereo etc. before they upgraded it anyway and the wedge tanks were a love it/hate it thing. Limiteds have all of the stuff worth having IMO without the stuff you're gonna replace anyway. I may get flamed on this and if so, I want legit examples of where I missed anything... I think both teams and limiteds can be/were ordered however the dealer wanted them to be.


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            FWIW- I bought a used 2004 210 Super Sport that had all the factory options on it that I wanted: tower, (6) speakers, keyless, perfect pass, etc. I knew that the factory ballast would not be enough, so it was actually easier to start with a clean slate and not have to remove tanks, pumps, etc. I also knew that the factory sound system would never be enough, so that wasn't an issue. The bonus was that a one owner Super Sport with low hours meant that the boat had relatively little wear and tear, unlike all of the SANTE that I looked at (which were also more money).

            The only thing I wish it did have was the fiberglass platform.... the teak doesn't do anything for me.


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              I own a 2003 LE. The only two things mine did not come standard with was the belly tank and PP. I added PP myself and pulled the entire existing ballast system to add 750s in rear, belly bag and bow bag. Other than that you could tell the difference. If you are okay with it go for it! I actually like the teak platform also.


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                For 2004 here are the differences:

                What you got when ordering the TEAM instead of a LIMITED; Battery cut off switch, dual battery box, perfect pass, helm ballast control, kicker stereo system, composite platform, rear ballast tank, center ballast tank, flight control tower, board racks, jump seat, and bow modules (speakers, cup holders, hot plug).

                You could order a limited with all these options if you wanted, except for the kicker stereo system.
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