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Right hand vs. left hand props

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  • Right hand vs. left hand props

    Does anyone know the technical reason why a 2003-2008 Nautique 226 prop turns clockwise (right handed) while the Nautique 210, 211, 220 and 236 props of same vintage turn counterclockwise (left handed)? They all use the same PCM engines....seems odd.
    2007 Air Nautique 226

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    Different V-drive assemblies.


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      I wonder why...

      Anyone know the reason why Correct Craft chose to use a v-drive assembly on the 226 different from the other models (210, 211, 220, 230)? Doesn't seem to be based on length, beam or weight given the model ranges that have a left handed prop.
      2007 Air Nautique 226


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        Right hand prop wake tendencies and added ballast?

        No idea if this was a design consideration, but it does seem fortuitous that the rear storage compartment of the 226 is on the starboard side of the engine since a right handed prop favors a goofy foot wake for wake surfing. Makes it easier to add an after-market ballast sac where it is needed for optimal surf wake for that boat, in the corner at the starboard side of the stern.
        2007 Air Nautique 226


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          For many years all Correct Craft boats used a right hand propeller. With the driver on the starboard side, the driver weight counterbalances propeller torque, and the boat rides level.
          When wakeboarding became popular, this was not as important, because what is the point of balancing maybe 150 to 200 pounds of torque, when you are piling in some cases a few thousand pounds of ballast.

          To accommodate the right hand propeller, Correct Craft initially used reverse rotation engines, and a true direct drive, but then switched to the 1.23 to 1 transmission, that also reversed the engine rotation, to get right hand propeller rotation, with a normal rotation engine.

          The V-drive boats you mentioned use either a Walters V-drive, or a PCM V-drive. The Walters V-drive boats are right hand propeller, the PCM V-drive boars are left hand propeller. I believe is is easier to remove and replace the propeller shaft on the PCM V-drive, and there may have been a cost advantage in using it,
          but I think all current V-drive Correct Craft boat have the left hand propeller. The change was made at different times with the different boats.


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            2007 Air Nautique 226 = Walters v-drive?

            The owners manual for the 2007 Air Nautique 226 says it has a right hand prop, so I guess it uses a Walters v-drive?
            2007 Air Nautique 226


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              to be accurate:

              2005 and prior: v drives had a right hand rotation prop (walthers v drive)
              2006: 210 had a left hand rotation prop, every other v drive remained right hand rotation prop
              2007: all v drives had a left hand rotation prop (pcm v drive) and use the same unit currently

              there are two theories for prop rotation selection:
              1) the first has been the aforementioned balancing of the wake with only a driver aboard. (if you think the other builders didnt counter weight their boats for balance, youre silly)
              2 the second is picking up the downed skier/rider. in a panic situation, the boat will back away from the skier in a R hand rotation boat whereas a the boat will back over the skier in a L had rotation boat.

              CC use to build boats that focused on utility. their windshield used to be abbreviated so that the driver and/or observer could coach. the rotation of the prop would protect the rider. the tower would not impede commo between those on board and those being coached. now, cc (and everyone else) builds soccer mom tahoes and yukons...


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                2007 v-drive owner manual

                The 2007 v-drive owner manual at page 7-3 says the 226 has a clockwise rotation prop
                (and also says and the 210, 220, 211, 236 have counterclockwise rotation props.) Was the manual wrong at time of printing and the 2007 Nautique 226 actually had a left hand prop when built?

                I appreciate your explanation about the two theories behind right hand prop rotation. I am unclear does a right hand prop boat not back over a downed skier when the boat is in reverse but a left hand prop boat will?
                2007 Air Nautique 226


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                  226 right hand prop

                  The 2008 owner manual for the 226 also says the 2008 Nautique 226 has a clockwise (right hand) rotating prop. The 2009 manual for the 226 says the prop for that year model rotates counterclockwise (left hand). Was the v-drive for the 226 made by Walter Mfg. until CC refreshed the 226 model in 2009? (and since 2009 the 226 has a PCM v-drive?)
                  2007 Air Nautique 226


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                    Like I said, different models of V-drive boats got the PCM V-drive at different times.
                    Correct Craft may have decided to change the V-drive at different times, so they could have some rear world testing of the new V-drive, before committing the entire line to the new V-drive. It may have been a decision to try to change V-drive types at the end of a model year for one model, to allow another model to use the old V-drive for the entire next year.

                    This is why an inboard boat pull to one side or the other. The propeller shaft is not parallel to the direction water flows past it. It is angled. That means the blades on one side of the boat take a bigger bite of water than the other side.
                    This is for a right hand propeller.
                    In technical terms, the blades on a right hand propeller boat have a higher effective pitch, on the starboard side of the propeller.
                    This means the propeller is making more thrust on the starboard side of the boat, than it is on the port side.

                    It is like a row boat with a football linebacker on one side, rowing, and his cheerleading girlfriend rowing on the other side. The rowboat is going to want to go in circles, around the cheerleader side.

                    This tendency to turn is always there. The rudder is slightly turned to counteract this, when you are going straight. This works well, going forward, because as soon as you put the boat in gear, the propeller pushes water past the rudder, and it can counteract the propeller torque. In reverse, not much water moves past the rudder, until you are moving, so the tendency for the boat to pull because of the unequal thrust is magnified.

                    So, a right hand propeller inboard boat has more thrust on the starboard side. In reverse, if you look, you will see more water being pushed out from under the boat on the starboard side. This happens because the starboard side of the propeller, is the side with higher effective pitch. More water being pushed to the starboard side, means the boat will move to the port side. away from the skier, if the driver is on the starboard side of the boat.