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diamond plate step replacement ???

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    "A bit fuller".. yeah, that's the phrase I was looking for! My trailer came with my '01 so is likely a couple years more vintage than yours. It did come with carpeted crash pads, which doesn't bother me much since they don't get wet. I just figured the other material would make it look a bit cleaner.
    '08 Super Air Nautique 210


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      THe starboard crash pads do look much cleaner to me than the carpeted, but to each his own. Also the 3/4 inch looks much more stout on the trailer than the 1/2 inch (I have seen both). NOt sure if it changes functionality, but I do like the look.
      Eric, Phoenix AZ

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        i tend to agree with you two fellers ... am pretty much sold on the king starboard instead of the diamond plate, and will see what the price difference is between the 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch
        2003 SANTE - "OG 210"