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Composite Swim Platform (air nautique)

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  • Composite Swim Platform (air nautique)

    Hey I was looking for my next winter time project. I was thinking of a carbon fiber swim platform. I wanted to start with a stock nautique composite swim platform and build off of that.

    Does anyone have one they dont like and want to sell and if not what are they selling for new??

    Thanks Grant

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    Grant, you sure you want to do that? First off, the composite platforms, IMHO, aren't as nice as the Teak, if you bang a dock they chip,crack,break, they're a bear to keep shiny because they get scratched up so easily, plus by the time you put something down for traction you don't see much of it anyway.

    Just my .02



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      My composite platform is black. I have never seen another one like it.

      We put some pretty deep scratches in it fairly quickly. I had a shop repair it, and it looks pretty good again now.

      Now NOBODY is allowed to put anything except bare feet on the platform. No skis, boards, etc.
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        Grant, when are you going to start remaking your hull in carbon fiber?!

        I would think a carbon fiber platform may look really cool, but it wouldn’t be very functional. I would think it would get destroyed if you used it at all.


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          Now NOBODY is allowed to put anything except bare feet on the platform. No skis, boards, etc
          wow! there is no way i could put my board on its way, the bindings are way too tight for any in water deal like that. never really thought about the composite scratching like that. {thats a bummer}
          1988 Ski Nautique \"2001\"


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            I think Jeff has the right Idea. Put your darn Ski or Board or any other scratching device on in the water, LOL but serious If I were to make one thats what I would have people do. I dont know if this would make skiing and boarding more of pain in the *** or what. I do know that it would be a crazy/useless add on but so is 90% of the stuff on my boat LOL. I am serious about making one. We will see how the winter goes. IMO building somthing like this is a big step for me so I will need to do some more research/learning. Im pretty sure I want to use a vacume mold to create this. And I know all the time I spend with R&D is not going to go to use because I wont be able to sell this like the other stuff I have made. Who wants a $2,500 dollar swim deck LOL

            My dealer said the composite platform sells for $1300 the teak sells for $1600.


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              Could you build one that uses a teak surface with the rest carbon fiber. I would even envision carbon fiber edging. Perhaps the top surface could be mostly teak with CF accents closer to the transom. You could just instruct the riders/skiers not to contact the CF--just like we do now relating to impacting the gel on the transom. I'm thinking that it would be difficult to put the ski/board on in the water.


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                SGY yes you could build one that uses a teak surface with the rest carbon fiber, For that matter you could make it Carbon Fiber with Chin-Chilla Skin, The interior surface IMO should be some what maintance free. The whole Idea around a composit deck was to get around the maint of teak I would think it would be best to have it Carbon Fiber with some sort of non slip rubber matting like on a composite platform. IMO it would blend better.


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                  i think the wheel doesn't need to be re-invented. after time the cf in the "pockets" or in tight places will fade and be hard to get to to polish. sounds cool but where do you stop with the bling bling? this would be something else to worry about dinging scratching or whatever. the anal guy in our club would like you to drip dry on his platform...if he had this you couldn't even use the platform.


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                    No such thing as stopping with the Bling Bling.... Isn't that what Bling Bling is all about....???

                    Jeff.....what the heck???? No putting your board on the platform....'re a tough one. I figure that is what the platform is there for. I'm with 882001, I couldn't get my board on without the platform... As far as stratches and such, that is just a given. I have never worried about it. ****, who looks at a swim platform....most are a few inches or more underwater most the time anyway.

                    But I guess it is to each their own as far as boats go....person who pays makes the rules.