If you are a private owner, you may list your items for sale here for free. We do have a few simple requests though.

We are VERY STRICT about these requirements. Not following them will not be tolerated.

PLEASE, please follow these simple requests. The biggest complaint I get about this site is that the for sale ads are usually not kept up with by the people who post them. There have been items listed for sale here that were sold months ago, and still show active here.

If you do not intend to keep your for sale post status up-to-date, please don't post your item for sale here!

Here are the simple requests we have for listing boats for sale:

1. Please do not simply start a thread about an item for sale, and then just paste in a link to another website where people should go to view the information about the item. If you can't take the time to enter a description of the item here, and upload a few pictures, please don't create a for sale post. Posts like this will be removed by the admin.

2. PLEASE list a price!

3. No "feeler" posts will be allowed. Your item is either for sale or it is not. If you want to determine its value, post in the main discussion area, not the For Sale area.

4. Please do not post items here that are for sale by other people. If YOU are not selling the item, don't post it here.

5. Please do not misrepresent what you have for sale! Please describe your item ACCURATELY and HONESTLY. If you are not sure about certain details, state that or determine the facts before posting!

6. Please only list ONE ITEM per thread. If you have multiple items to sell, start a thread for EACH ITEM.

7. MOST IMPORTANT -- This site uses prefixes to display the status of your item. Please set the prefix on your post to Active. If you reduce the price, please edit your original post and set the prefix to Reduced. Once the item is pending, please edit the original post and set the prefix to Pending. Once the item is sold, please edit the original post and set the prefix to Sold. See image below.

Tapatalk users and users of our PN app may not be able to set the prefix using those apps. Please make and modify your for sale posts through the WEBSITE ONLY. If you are unable to set the prefix, please do not make a for sale post here.

Not following these rules will result in your account receiving an infraction, and repeated violations will cause your account to not be allowed to post in the classified section.

Generally speaking, the quality of the results you receive will be in direct relation to the detail of your description, the pictures you upload, and your price. Please take the time to enter a complete, detailed description of the item, including any imperfections. The more pictures you upload, the better.

If your listing has had no activity for over four weeks, the thread will be closed and moved to the Inactive Listings forum. To prevent this from happening, make a post in your thread to keep it active at least every four weeks.
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