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Soulcraft, Jordie Pro 4' 8"...For Sale

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  • Soulcraft, Jordie Pro 4' 8"...For Sale

    Get ready for summer! I bought this Soulcraft, Jordie Pro brand new, late 2017 for $950. Its 4' 8", blue board with black traction. Excellent condition, never used surf wax on it so it still looks brand new including traction pads. Always kept in a padded board bag, even when in boat, and never put in a regular boat rack. I lost 25lbs over summer of 2018 and 4' 8" was just a little too big for me @ 170lbs. I bought a new SC Voodoo in 4' 6", at end of 2018 summer. With the way I ride, the 4 6 size fits me better and this Jordie is way too nice to keep as a "boat board". I want someone else to enjoy it as much as I have. Local pick up price = $600, I live in NC just North of Charlotte, on Lake Norman.

    **This is what Soulcraft says about this board** The Jordi - Pro Line is a wider nose, wider tail design with a blunt squash tail and a channel bottom nose. The wider, channeled nose will generate speed and provide stability and hold while performing revert tricks, 180s and spin tricks. The wider tail helps recover from out back in the wave, enabling the rider to drive forward with the most speed for a big air.
    *Pro Line boards utilize PVC stringers for maximum performance and responsiveness.
    *Futures Fin boxes (Quad). For the highest performing fin options in the water.
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