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95 Super Sport Nautique for sale

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  • 95 Super Sport Nautique for sale

    Just getting too old for barefoot and wake board. This Super Sport is ready to ride - ballast, speed control by Hydrophase, spinning board racks and a tower. All my gear and spare parts are included - boards, boots ropes vests, etc. The boat is run mostly in slightly brackish to fresh water, but engine is fresh water cooled. Sits on an aluminum dual axle trailer with one brand new axle, one that's needing to be replaced in a year or two. Other than some bunk carpeting, the trailer is in good shape. The engine is strong, but could use a tune up. Nothing seriously wrong with the boat, but it is 24 years old, 1500 hrs. About half the seats and vinyl is new, the rest needs to be replaced. This boat could easily be a new looking boat with not too much work or money, and this model Super Sport is considered to have one of the best wake board wakes available. Just trying to be honest in my description, but this is a decent boat that still gets out every week, and is ready to ski behind.
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    Saw the ad on EBAY a short while ago. If I were to make a few suggestions on helping you to get it sold;

    1) Tune it up. For under $200 you could replace the fuel filter, plugs, cap and rotor and clean the metallic air filter. Nobody wants to test drive a boat and see it run poorly especially a higher hour boat like yours.

    2) If the second axle on the trailer is bad, anyone from far away is going to be afraid to tow it very far. Might as well fix it.

    3) Interior shots and pictures pictures pictures will help sell the boat.

    4) If you take care of 1-3, you can probably get a decent price—otherwise you’re selling a fixer-upper and those don’t usually get you the money you can out of your boat.

    Just my 2c worth of advice.

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      Thanks for your suggestions - I appreciate you taking the time. I agree with you, but just don't have the time with my work.I'll have to take less, but someone will get a good deal


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        Cheap Boats can sell quickly—but you’ll need to name a price to attract the masses.

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