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2014 G23, 550 engine, 238 hrs, Garaged

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  • 2014 G23, 550 engine, 238 hrs, Garaged

    2014 G23, supercharged 550, 238 hrs, bimini, NSS, heated seats, heater, air dam, bow filler cushion, always garaged when not in use. Extreme Trailer with ding in one fender, besides that boat is SUPER CLEAN. Asking $92k. Call or Text for any details Tyler (435) 229-0416
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    Super good price! The 550 motor and 1:48:1 gearbox is the perfect combo mechanically in my book. You have about $8k of gel coat color upgrades as well (hull bottom, interior, flake, platform). This one shouldn't last long!


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      thedude, just curious about your comparison basis for the 550/1.48 setup. I think you've had a couple G's, are you currently in a H6/2:1 setup?
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        My current '17 G23 has a 550 with the 2:1 trans. This boat has been "de-propped" to reduce rpms at wakeboard speeds (3,600rpm now at wake speed). Out of the box with the standard 17x17 prop, the boat ran 3900 -4000rpm which is just not necessary and increases fuel consumption. I always ride at 22.5mph, full stock ballast, 3-4 people in the boat, 1000' elevation. Previous boat was a '15 with 450 motor, 2:1 trans, and 17x17 prop. This was a good combo, with good time to plane, but ran at 3900-4100 rpm depending on people and amount of fuel in the boat. I like to keep engine rpm at or below 3,600rpm at wake speeds, the '15 and earlier 550 with 1:48 trans and stock props allowed for this right out of the box (I have a buddy with this combo, we split rides). I keep accurate fuel logs, the 450 with 2:1 trans used about 6.5 gph. My current '17 G23 uses 7.3 gph on average which I'm ok with given the extra power. My routine is the same; little to no cruising and surfing, no tubing or full throttle runs. Nautique needs to offer a different prop to the new 550 buyers. I do not have experience with the '16+ direct injected H6 motor yet, I don't imagine it would be much different than the 450 with 2:1 trans.

        bottom line - This is an awesome boat the OP is selling!