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89 Ski Nautique running hot

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  • 89 Ski Nautique running hot

    Hello, my 89 Ski Nautique is running between 170 and 180 degrees. Last year it ran at 160. I changed the impeller last year and this year had to change the water filter. The new filter dosen't leak and I turned the bowel on tight with a new gasket. Can an impeller go bad in one year? Am I huring the engine running at these temperatures?

    Thanks Ken

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    RE: 89 Ski Nautique running hot

    Ken, I had an 89 also and it always ran a little on the warm side. Never had any issues with it. If it gets to warm your idot alarm will go off and the red LED on the temp gauge will turn on.
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      Yes, my 89 tends to run a little hot. Especially after dropping down to idle after WOT.
      Jeff at Mid West, wasn't too concerned, but said to check hoses if it gets much worse.


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        I would check and change your thermosat, PCM part#RP026002E, back flush your cooling system, focus on tranny cooler.
        Good Luck


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          Ken, I change my impeller every 2 years on my 88 and have never had a problem. Usually but about 50 hrs a summer on the boat. I do know that the electical system on the 80's SN is tempermental. Try turning on your Nav lights then turn them off. Most if not every time your needles will peg out then when you shut off the nav lights they will drop down. You might see a 10 degree drop in temp.

          I noticed a temp rise the day I changed the impeller this year cause it was reading about 170. I figured it was time to chage it as it had been 2 years. Temp read the same after the change but I remembered the "trick" above and it reads 160' now which is about right.
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            Ken, is the motor running a consistent temperature? If it's not, I suspect you have a small air leak somewhere. My boat would run 160 most of the time, but would warm to 170-180 when I slowed to an idle after skiing. Last time it did this, my water strainer wasnt on super tight. This time, one of my heater hoses had a loose clamp. After re-tightening it runs a consistent 160.

            Id check your strainer and hoses first!
            1990 Ski Nautique


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              Along the same lines I had a problem with my engine getting hot. I did all the things everybody says to do including recommendations by the dealer. I replaced the impeller and then the pump checked for blockages in the strainer all lines, manifold nothing seemed to help. Then I pulled the R/W suction hose out, plugged one end and blew into it. When I did that I noticed that air was bleeding through the sides of the hose. So it was like a straw with a whole in it no suction! I replace my hoses and it has been running cool ever since!


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                I am having similar trouble except my 88 is running at about 180 and then at idle it will shoot up to 220 and the alarm goes off. Once I get going it drops back down. I replaced the impeller and nothing. Even if I run it off my flush kit it will overheat. I am going to try and check all my connections. Sounds like the oil cooler could be the problem. The boat is about 30min from my house, any suggestions on what someone should take with them when trouble shooting?


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                  I went through everything this fall and it turned out to be a wiring/gauge issue - my gauge reads 30-40 over actual after testing it on a infrared thermometer. make sure its actually overheating before you pour into it! check all the hose fittings, water strainer gasket and impeller for wear. if there is water coming out the exhaust, you can test the thermostat by putting it in a pot of hot water to see if it opens at the temp its supposed to and you can test the pumps and the intake by running it on a hose.


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                    I have wondered if it was the gauge. I have one of the infared thermometers, what shoudl I shoot? The Exhaust risers? The block? I have ran it on a hose and water is coming out the exhaust but the gauge still reads high and the buzzer goes off. I plan on running out today, checking all the hoses, taking a temp reading on the engine, probably throw a new thermostate in to be safe. The impeller and stariner are good, it was the first thing I checked. Is there a quantity or flow rate I should be getting out the exhaust?


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