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2013 10K Lakes Wakesurf Comp - G23 Ballast Config?

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  • 2013 10K Lakes Wakesurf Comp - G23 Ballast Config?

    Anyone know what the ballast config was for the G23? Was NSS used?

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    I do. We used NSS, and allowed people to make adjustments if they wanted.
    750's in rear locker
    we used factory ballast only from there, and 6 people in the boat. we leaned the boat with the factory ballast, and depending on skim or surf peole were placed in different spots.

    port wave - full port, 3/8 STB, 7/8 belly
    stb wave - 7/8 belly, 3/4 stb, 1/4 port

    always had either 1 or 2 people in bow, driver and at least one on center bench; but like I said, 6 people always in boat. Wave was a hit for 95% of people. During the practice Dom landed a 540 big spin, and Chris Wolter said it was the best wave he has ever surfed.

    We were always between 10.9 and 11.3 MPH


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      Thank you!

      Were the 750s always filled (both sides) or were they bias to the surf side?


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        Always full, we leaned the boat with the factory ballast so it was adjustable on the fly if needed.


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          That is some sick riding!!
          Can't even think how much practice it takes!!
          2008 SANTE 230
          2005 SAN 210 - Sold


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            Sweet edit!


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