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Thread: 2002 SANTE electrical short (WONT START)

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    Volts and Amps are two different things. You could have a battery charged and on an amp meter readin 12+ volts, but as soon as you put any AMPs on the battery it kills it.

    An example is I can get the key pad on, but when I hit the botton and the gauges start coming up the whole boat shuts down.
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    I will definitely keep you posted. For starters we are going to kook my brother truck up to the battery and try using booster cables to see if its the voltage issue. We will also put the volt meter on the ground of the battery as well as see what the volt meter reads. It does make sense. But what i don't understand is that the root of the problem happened out on the lake. I was towing my nephew. Stopped the boat and went to restart and there it happened. "click"

    I will let you guys know the outcome.

    Thanks again
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    Sorry crad i just saw this now. Thast is exactly what is happening to me. How do you suggest i check the amperage ?

    Does this also relate to probably needing a new battery?

    Let me know

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    OKay so here is the deal,

    My bro boosted the battery right from his truck and went to start the boat and the same thing happened. The click and the short. Further more the keypad didnt even work half the time. the lights didnt light up when he was punching in the code. It only randomly worked after a few times. CAN this still be a faulty solenoid as an option or can I rule that out. I am wondering now if its either the keypad itself ??? Does the perfect pass have a separate ground just for itself?
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    I had a very similar issue. It turned out to be a bad negative battery cable. It was corroded and not getting a good ground. Even when charging or jumping with my truck, nothing worked (or only a few lights sometimes). didn't make any sense until we folded back the insulation on the ground and saw that it was green and pretty nasty. cut it back a few inches, bolted on another terminal, and there she goes. not a problem since.
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    is there a ground off of the negative of the battery? SOrry if it may be a dumb question but im a little bit amateur when it comes to this stuff. We checked the main ground bolted to the right of the engine block to the frame and it was clean as a whistle... let me know
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    another quick not that when the boat is on the voltage meter is at 13 volts. there seems to be ample power. Is there any other ground what so ever. It seems that all the dash is doing some wonky stuff , prefect pass, key pad not punching in etc.
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    Did you ever resolve this? I have having the exact same issue.

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    hi ej,

    I never got this solved but right now it is at the doctors getting fixed I will let you know this instant I have any news. Boat just clicks. I am seriously wondering at this point if it is a faulty battery. Its only 2 seasons old and my voltmeter reads over 13.

    I will keep you posted ...
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    Default PROBLEM Fixed

    Hi All,

    After losing half of my last summer I have fixed the issue. And sure enough many of you were correct ...

    I checked everything A-Z from fuses to connections to battery etc. I Even tried boosting it directly from my brothers truck. ALl my guages were perfect like yours.

    Before i got everything winterized they checked into for me at the dealership and it happened to be corrosion in the negative cable (red one) close to the battery that I couldn't see.

    I hope this helps any other fellow members with the same problem.

    210 SANTE
    210 SANTE

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